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Power Quality Waveform Library

The PQSoft Power Quality Waveform Library is a collection of representative power quality-related waveforms. This library includes a number of common signature waveforms for various power system faults and power quality events. The waveforms in the library are available for download in the IEEE PQDIF (IEEE Std. 1159.3) format. PQDIF files may be viewed using the free TOP, The Output Processor program. The waveforms are grouped by the categories provided in IEEE Std. 1159. Current topic areas include:
  • Arcing Faults
  • Capacitor Switching Transients
  • Current-Limiting Fuse Operation
  • Ferroresonance
  • Harmonics (Waveform Distortion)
  • Long Duration Variations
  • Momentary Interruptions
  • Motor Terminal Transients
  • Power Frequency Variations
  • Transformer Energizing
  • Voltage Flicker
  • Voltage Notching
  • Voltage Sags
  • Voltage Swells
  • Voltage Unbalance
Several representative examples include:
Measured Capacitor Switch Restrike Event Measured Customer Voltage Distortion
Measured Feeder Voltage Trend Measured Motor Starting Voltage Sag


The library is located in the PQSoft Forum on the subscribers area of the PQSoft website. Access is available by purchasing the Annual Web-Based Technical Resource Area. For more information, send e-mail to pqsoft@electrotek.com or call 865-470-9222.

Contributions and Analysis

If you would like to contribute a waveform to the library or you have a waveform that you would like reviewed by the Dranetz or Electrotek staff, please it e-mail it to pqsoft@electrotek.com.

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