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Power Quality and Energy Efficiency Analytical Tools

PQSoft is a family of software programs developed by Electrotek Concepts for power quality and energy efficiency analysis of electric power transmission and distribution systems. These tools enable you to assess power system performance in terms of quality and energy usage. Products include

  • SuperHarm
    For harmonic simulation studies of electric power systems
  • TOP, The Output Processor
    For graphical analysis of data from power monitors and computer simulations
  • FerroViewTM
    For simulation of ferroresonance in cable-fed three-phase distribution transformers
  • Harmonic Filter Calculation Spreadsheet
    For determining shunt, single-tuned harmonic filter specifications
  • PQView
    For producing and storing indices and statistics from power quality monitors
  • PQWeb
    For viewing power quality data over the Internet

PQSoft Support Services

Electrotek offers PQSoft Support Service, providing subscribers with support for these products and their applications. Members receive a variety of benefits including training, reference materials, and consulting support. PQSoft Support Service covers all PQSoft products except PQView, and PQWeb. PQView and PQWeb are supported through the PQView Users Group. Service options are a la carte - you buy only those components that you need. Service components include:

  • Software Licenses
  • Access to Web-based Technical Resource Area
  • Engineering/Consulting Support
  • Power Quality Measurements Analysis Service

The technical resource area includes:

If you are a PQSoft service subscriber, you may enter the Subscribers-Only Website
(user name and password required).

For More Information

For more information on PQSoft products or services, please send an e-mail to pqsoft@electrotek.com.

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