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Harmonic Filter Calculation Spreadsheet

Filter Specification Tool

Industrial harmonic problems can be solved using a comprehensive approach including site surveys, harmonic measurements, and computer simulations. When mitigation of harmonic distortion is required, one of the options is to apply a filter at the source of harmonics, or at a location where the harmonic currents can be effectively removed from the system. The most cost effective filter is generally a single-tuned passive filter and this will be applicable for the majority of cases. Filters must be carefully designed to avoid unexpected interactions with the system.

The Harmonic Filter Calculations spreadsheet provides a convenient method for determining low voltage filter component values and duties. Electrotek Concepts designed this spreadsheet for use with Microsoft Excel. This spreadsheet approach provides you with a convenient method for entering required data. User specified data includes:

  • Filter tuning specification
  • Capacitor bank rating, voltage, and frequency
  • Nominal bus rating
  • Transformer nameplate rating and impedance
  • Total harmonic load
  • Utility background harmonic voltage distortion
  • Capacitor and reactor tolerances


Calculations include capacitor derating, filter component values, capacitor duty with respect to IEEE Standard 18 (Shunt Power Capacitors), and impact of component tolerances on filter tuning.


An example may be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format.

Support Options

Supporting calculations and a low voltage harmonic filter design case study are also provided.

Electrotek provides support for this product through PQSoft Support Service, a comprehensive support offering for power system simulation and analytical tools. Features include upgrades, specialized models, and online resources. To learn more, send e-mail to pqsoft@electrotek.com or call 865-470-9222.


The Harmonic Filter Calculation Spreadsheet can be purchased directly from Electrotek. For more information, send e-mail to pqsoft@electrotek.com or call 865-470-9222.


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